Shirdi Travel During Winter and A Nice Shirdi Hotel

Shirdi- the land of Sri Sai Baba is a major pilgrimage center in Maharashtra that is situated at a distance of 100kms from the other famous pilgrimage- Nashik. The climate of Shirdi is the best during winters and during this time devotees come here in hordes. Read on to know more on the travel to Shirdi during winter and also find comfortable accommodations in one of the fine hotels in Shirdi.

Shirdi is a world famous pilgrimage town in western India and not only the town but the surrounding areas are dotted with religious places. Situated in western Maharashtra in the district of Ahmednagar, Shirdi is 250kms from Mumbai and Pune and can be reached from major cities of the state by roads and railways. Shirdi is a small town in the heart of the state and it owes its unwavering popularity for being the hometown and Samadhi of the legendary fakir Sri Sai Baba. He used to live here during the early 19th century and performed many miracles and spread his teachings of Hindu Muslim unity. For this reason Sai Baba is held in great respect by both Hindus and Muslims even today.

Shirdi witnesses huge crowds of devotees almost every year yet the most preferred time is the winter season from October to March. Shirdi enjoys a temperate climate and has hot summers when maximum temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius. The summers are quite hot and due to the perpetual dust it is not a very popular time to visit. On the other hand winters are cool with temperatures ranging from 8 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. The weather is quite pleasant thus making the travel to Shirdi during winter a great vacation. Also some of the important festivals are celebrated in Shirdi during winter season like Vijayadasami which is held in the month of October to commemorate Baba attaining Samadhi. Another important festival is Ramnavami/Urs that is celebrated in the month of March and is celebrated as Sai Baba’s birth day.

Shirdi is a major pilgrimage destination and visitors can very easily find good accommodation here at all budget ranges. Most of the fine hotels in Shirdi are situated near the main temple of Sai Baba in the city center. The hotels offer all major amenities for a comfortable stay and one of the finest hotels in Shirdi is listed below that you should try out.

Nice Shirdi hotels

Hotel Sai Leela is one of the finest Shirdi hotels and is located barely 500 meters from the main temple and 16kms from the railway station at Kopergaon. The hotel has a recommendation from 87% out of 100 customers and has been widely praised for its facilities like a multi cuisine vegetarian restaurant, swimming pool, etc. and also for its great hospitality. The rooms are beautifully furnished and rates start from Rs.1850.

Guest Sourcing Can Enhance Your Hotel Website

Developing content that appeals to all types of visitors is difficult. You have to understand what each visitor is looking for and address his or her concerns without turning your website into a 30-page thesis. What if in addition to your persuasive marketing content, you had the added advantage of past and present guest developing content for your hotel website? How sweet would that be?

‘Guest Sourcing is the practice of sourcing content from guests in the hospitality industry.’It is also known as crowd sourcing or user-generated content.

A prominent example of a travel user-generated content website is This website is built around the concept of letting travelers to help each other, share their experiences and plan their trips. All types of individuals who are planning trips from leisure travelers and backpackers to business travelers frequent this travel reference or advisory website. They select their destination and hotel based on the type of reviews, comments and blogs posted by other travelers.

Having guest sourced content on your hotel website, in addition, to your persuasive content is important, as people are cynical. They doubt the authenticity of ‘organization produce content’. However, not all is lost, one source of information that travelers place their trust in, is ‘fellow travelers’. Blogs and reviews posted by fellow travelers are considered ‘unbiased’ and such, visitors to website place higher value to guest sourced content. So, encourage your guests to write about their holiday experience and post it online.

In fact, there might be information about your hotel floating around already. So, the first step, you need to take is search and locate all content related to your destination and more importantly your hotel. There are different places you can locate information – run a Google search to locate blog posts and reviews, run a search on twitter to locate any threads about your hotel, look on YouTube for videos of your destination and Flickr for photos. Please note these are just some of the websites where you can locate information. This is not a comprehensive list.

Once you have compiled this information, you have two options. The first, you can set up a blog to showcase the content producers and the information. Always give credit as it will make your past guests happy and encourage them to book with you if they visit your destination again. The second, you can be proactive and create a guest section on your hotel website where you publish these reviews, photos, travel blogs etc. This gives prospective guests an idea of what to expect.

While travelers are willing to write about their travel experience, post photos etc. online, you should not depend on it. Conduct promotional activities to generate new guest sourced content on a semi-regular basis. No one is interested in reading about a concert that happened ten years ago unless of course it is a yearly event. New updated content will keep visitors engaged and encourage them to make reservations instantly. The purpose of these activities is to have fresh and update content.

Please keep in mind that this does not mean that you stop producing content or maintaining your hotel website. It simply means that you can enhance your website by getting past guests to paint a vivid picture of what future guests can look forward too when if they choose your hotel.

Finding a Great Hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its great nightlife and it offers some other great attractions. No matter what the reason for your visit to Barcelona, you need a good hotel in Barcelona. The following information on these top Barcelona hotels come from reviews by former guests who have stayed at a hotel in Barcelona. You will find that every hotel in Barcelona offers great hotel stays in addition to its other attractions. The hotels reviewed are Casa Camper Hotel, The Hotel Arts, Neri Hotel, and Hesperia Sarria.

Casa Camper Hotel received some nice comments from guests. It has 25 rooms that are decorated in creative fashions that match the amazing décor of the entire hotel. Extras, like minibar and room service, are included in the base cost so you do not end up with a huge bill at check out. It is a short walk to P. Catalvyna and close to the city. For those that like quiet nights , the Casa Camper Hotel is removed enough from the nightlife so it provides a quite sleeping environment. The Casa Camper hotel in Barcelona received great reviews and was listed as well worth checking out.

The Hotel Arts hotel in Barcelona has 402 rooms and is located on the beach. While not every hotel in Barcelona is not usually known for its beaches, the location does provide beautiful views. It is not quite near the city, so you must travel to get to attractions. The nearby restaurants provide wonderful cuisine that makes the location desirable. They are said to have some of the best beds a hotel in Barcelona can offer. The cost of The Hotel Arts does discourage some guests and extras are not included in this base price. Overall, it was reviewed as a great hotel, but not really worth the price.

The Neri Hotel in Barcelonahas artistic décor that draws you into their 22 room establishment. With the use of stone and wood, the décor is beautiful. The rooms are cozy and they offer you the choice of five different sheet types. It is advised that you get good directions to the hotel because it is hard to find. There are no scenic views, but the attention to detail in all the aspects of this hotel makes up for that. Overall, this hotel was said to have exceptional service and created an amazing experience for visitors, making it a must.

The Hesperia Sarria has 134 rooms and is located in a quiet area of Barcelona. It is within walking distance to the train station (Les Tres Torres) and many other attractions. There are locked minibars and safes provided in the modern and clean rooms. There is a restaurant on site, although guests say you may never try it because of the closeness of so many other great bars and restaurants. This was noted by gests to be a great buy.

These four hotels all received good and bad reviews. The descriptions above were taken from majority opinions. While all provided nice stays, some stuck out in the crowd. There are many, many alterntives for a hotel in Barcelona and these are only just a small sample of the great service you can receive.